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Patents & Licensing

Tech Transfer (OTT) oversees the commercialization of new technologies arising from U-M research. The university’s conduit between laboratory research and corporate commercialization interests, OTT provides a range of professional resources for U-M inventors as well as entrepreneurs and industry partners. These include:

  • Invention Disclosure Facilitation: Advice about potential tech transfer issues during research activities and assistance in the invention reporting process.
  • Patenting and Other Protections: Guidance in planning an effective patent, copyright or trademark strategy.
  • Licensing: Assistance in technical and market assessments and active marketing of U-M technologies to industry partners. We create secrecy, evaluation, material transfer, option and license agreements with these industry partners to effectively get our technology into commercial use.
  • Legal Support: Legal guidance and assistance for all tech transfer activities.
  • Start-up Assistance: Assistance in analyzing potential opportunities to form a start-up based upon U-M technology as well as hands-on business assistance, project planning, and links to funding and people resources.
  • Decision Support: Information and guidance to expedite decisions by internal and external partners on a wide range of issues, including U-M policies and procedures and conflict of interest issues.

The office maintains a Directory of Available Technologies that allows interested parties to peruse the range of opportunities available for license.

To lower the barrier to industry investment in university research, Tech Transfer and the Office of Research and Sponsored Projects. offer the opportunity to negotiate the terms for licensing possible intellectual property during the initial contracting process.

In cooperation with the State of Michigan, another program based at U-M helps transfer university technologies to existing businesses. The Technology and Commercialization Assistance program proactively identifies the capabilities and initiatives of emerging or established companies and matches them with technology at Michigan universities.


Fast Facts

U-M is among the top 10 universities in the nation in spin-off activity and technology licensing.