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Ankit Mehta, Lauren Leland, Mike Kondoleon, participants in the student-run MPowered Entrepreneurship organization

What it is: A student organization designed to expose students to entrepreneurship and support student ventures.

What they say: The goal of MPowered is two-fold: one, to bring out the few courageous self-starters among us to begin their entrepreneurial journey, and two, to spread their bold passion to the rest of the U-M community. In short, we want to start the fire.

What they’ve done: 1,000 Pitches: The 2nd annual competition received 3,031 video pitches from U-M students in 2010, more than double the inaugural year.

Tech Arb: Started by students based on a program run by a local VC—RPM Ventures, and at the students’ request, now run by the Center for Entrepreneurship and the Zell Lurie Institute. To date 20 companies have graduated and over 70 jobs have been created. Fourteen of the companies are still active, two have spun off, and four have failed.