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“In the face of global economic, social, and environmental challenges, U-M has amplified its commitment to stimulating economic growth and development in Michigan and beyond.” —Mary Sue Coleman, President

“U-M has an ‘ecosystem’ for innovation that brings together the resources and relationships across campus and beyond to inspire the development and commercialization of ideas.” —Stephen R. Forrest, Vice President for Research

We are committed to a vision of university innovation and entrepreneurship that connects with the community, advances the economy, and creates prosperity. Getting from a great idea to real-world impact takes inspiration and expertise, vision and practicality, individual effort and teamwork. U-M has ramped up its resources to assist innovation and entrepreneurship and promote their place in our mission. We have put a $1 billion portfolio behind research and innovation at U-M and followed through with a host of programs.

We provide an environment that nurtures innovation and entrepreneurship. At U-M, researchers have many opportunities to work with colleagues in other fields to advance knowledge, solve challenging problems, and create marketable products. Partnering with industry further fuels discovery, innovation, and entrepreneurship. We actively engage in a broad range of mutually beneficial research partnerships with businesses—both large and small—to spur progress in nearly every field of science, engineering, medicine, the social sciences, and the humanities.

As part of the international research community, we also draw regularly on ideas from scholars across the globe. Our researchers conduct investigations throughout the world, gaining direct exposure to challenges and new perspectives as they arise. To expand opportunities, we have formed close ties with selected institutions worldwide, exposing faculty and students to different ideas and experiences.

Taken together, these connections provide remarkably fertile ground for discovering new ideas, as well as enhance the educational experience. Collaboration infuses the educational process with a spirit of inquiry and creativity that prepares our students to make a difference in their chosen careers.


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Fast Facts

U-M has an annual research budget of more than a billion dollars.